OJSC "Research and Production Association “ Russian Electric Drive" was founded in 2009. The main activity of the Research and Production Association (RPA) is development, management of manufacturing and delivery, as well as warranty and after-warranty service of high-power valve electric drives based on synchronous electric motors with permanent magnets (PMSM).

First studies of PMSM were started by the group of researchers and designers, headed by V.G. Kuchinsky, Doctor of Technical Science in the nineties of the last century. This group was a division of D.V. Efremov Reseach Institute of Electrophysics Equipment.

During that period, several types of electric drives for different purposes were created. The main are: all-modes adjustable-speed drives for two ship propulsion systems with power of about 4 MW each and two 35 kW electric drives with submersible motors. In addition, four 0.5 MW motors for dump truck “BelAZ” (carrying capacity of 136 t) were designed and manufactured. Two of these motors together with the set of power supply and control systems were mounted on the truck for trial operation.

In 2005, according to the suggestion of JSC "AC "Transneft" a branch of JSC of All-Russian Pipeline Construction Scientific and Research Institute was established in St. Petersburg on the basis of this group of researchers and designers. The first task for the branch, called the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Systems, was to design and manufacture two 14 MW electric drive based on PMSM intended for the oil-pump stations at the second extension of the new oil pipeline Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean (ESPO).

In the period of 2006-2008 two explosion-proof 14 MW electric drives were manufactured, and their acceptance tests successfully started. Moreover, the design documentation for a unified series of adjustable-speed drives with explosion-proof electric motors of 5 MW, 6.3 MW, 8 MW was developed. These drives were intended to substitute the part of non-adjustable drives at the existed oil-pump stations.

In 2009 this group formed an independent company - OJSC "Research and Production Association “ Russian Electric Drive".

The group consists of highly skilled developers and provides, with the help of the most advanced software products: simulation of power supply and control systems operation, two- and three-dimensional calculations of electromagnetic fields, thermal and mechanical loads on the elements of electric motors. RPA Design Department provides issuing of design and operational documents for the designed products. RPA specialists supervise manufacturing process, take part in final assemblage works, testing, and after-sales service.

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