Electric drives for ship propulsion systems

Electric drives based on AC electric motors with permanent magnets are used as an all-modes propulsion drive.

An electric drive consists of the electric motor with permanent magnets, a power supply system and a control system. The power supply system and the motor can be designed as an integral unit.

The electric drive provides:

  • Start-up, operation at specified rotation speed, reverse, and stop
  • Control and stabilization of the motor rotation speed
  • Control to improve motor noise performance (if necessary)
  • The electric drive parameters and operating modes monitoring
  • The protection mode of operation and the electric drive abnormal parameters monitoring in case of failure and (or) emergency

Main technical characteristics:

  • Nominal power: up to 20 MW
  • Rotation speed - according to Client order
  • Range of the speed control: 0-100%

Operational advantages:

  • High efficiency in the full speed range
  • High mass-dimensional parameters
  • Low level of vibration and noise

4 MW propulsion unit 
(motor with a power supply system)


The non-driving end of the 4 MW propulsion unit 
(the shield is dismounted)



The stator (with guide blades) 
of a submersible electric motor


The rotor of the submersible electric motor with permanent magnets

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