Traction electric drives for large dump trucks

Traction electric drives, based on AC electric motors with permanent magnets, are designed for use in large dump trucks.

A traction electric drive consists of a traction motor with permanent magnets, a power system, a control system and an electro braking system.

High-torque motors with permanent magnets can be used in the “motor-wheel” scheme of transmission or to reduce the gear ratio.

Electric drive provides:

  • Smooth start, reverse, and rheostat braking mode with controlled braking torque
  • Speed or torque control during traction mode
  • The electric drive parameters and operating modes monitoring
  • The protection mode of operation and the electric drive abnormal parameters monitoring in case of failure and (or) emergency

Main technical characteristics:

  • Rotation speed - according to Client order
  • Drive starting performance – triple rated torque at a speed trough 10% of the maximum value
  • Reverse in all speed range
  • Range of the speed control: 0-100%

Operational advantages:

  • High start-up torque, that allows to exclude the gear box or decrease its ratio
  • Possibility to provide for the maximum torque at any speed
  • Reduction of the diesel-generator load in start-up mode
  • High total efficiency of the transmission
  • Reduction of the operating costs for repairing and maintenance of the electric equipment
  • Increased endurance characteristic of the truck’s transmission
  • High mass-dimensional parameters

The dump truck “BelAZ” with a load-carrying capacity of 136 t 
supplied with an electric drive based on traction electric motors with permanent magnets.

The traction electric motor with permanent magnets, 
with rated power of 515 kW 
and a maximum speed of 1650 rpm 
(taking into account the starting torque of 30 kNm
installed power of the motor is 4900 kW)

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