Gearless traction electric drives for electrical locomotives

Gearless traction electric drives, based on AC electric motors with permanent magnets, are designed for use in passenger and freight electric locomotives with wheels of 1250 mm in diameter.

A special feature is that the motor is installed around a wheelset axle without any gear box.

The electric drive consists of the set of traction electric motors with permanent magnets, a frequency converter with a control system and an electro braking system.

Electric drive provides:

  • Smooth start, reverse, and braking mode (rheostat or recuperation) with controlled braking torque
  • Speed or torque control during traction mode
  • The electric drive parameters and operating modes monitoring
  • The protection mode of operation and the electric drive abnormal parameters monitoring in case of failure and (or) emergency

Main technical characteristics:

  • Nominal power: up to 1 MW
  • Rotation speed: up to 1000 rpm
  • Range of the speed control: 0-100%

Operational advantages:

  • Simplification of a locomotive truck design due to exclusion of gear boxes
  • Start-up mode with maximum torque can be made without a disturbances in the power net
  • Operating costs reduction due to absence of the mechanical shocks at start mode and exclusion of the units that require a special service (gear unit)
  • Increased lifetime of the locomotive transmission due to shock-free start
  • Substantial energy savings (up to 10%) due to a high efficiency of the drive

A gearless traction electric motor with PM installed in a locomotive truck

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