Electric drives for water pumps

Electric drives based on electric motors with permanent magnets are used for water pump drives.

Electric drive consists of an AC electric motor with permanent magnets and a frequency converter with a control system.

Electric drive provides:

  • Start-up and acceleration of the pump to a specified speed and the pump shutdown from the specified speed
  • Keeping of the necessary technological parameter (speed, pressure, flow, etc.) according to the specified program
  • The electric drive parameters and operating modes monitoring
  • The protection mode of operation and the electric drive abnormal parameters monitoring in case of failure and (or) emergency

The main technical characteristics:

  • Nominal power: 1-5 MW
  • Rotation speed: 500-1000 rpm
  • Range of the speed control: 20-105%

Frequency converters are designed for normal conditions and can be made in modules for outside location..

Operational advantages:

  • Substantial energy savings (up to 30%) due to the flexible speed control and high efficiency
  • Start-up mode can be made without a disturbances in the power net
  • High mass-dimensional parameter (1.5-2.0 times better compared to the conventional drives), that allows to deliver the completely assembled motor to the station
  • Perfect control of the pressure in the pipeline which reduce the probability of a hydraulic shock appearing

5 MW drive motor with permanent magnets for a water pump (under testing).

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