Gearless electric drives for ball-type mills for mining industry

Electric drives, based on AC electric motors with permanent magnets, are designed for gearless and contactless drives of ball-type mills for mining industry.

An electric drive consists of a ring electric motor with permanent magnets and a frequency converter with a control system. The rotor of the motor is mounted on the mill’s cylinder, and the ring shape stator surrounds the cylinder outside.

Electric drive provides:

  • Start-up and acceleration of the mill’s cylinder to a specified speed and the mill’s cylinder shutdown from the specified speed
  • Rotation of the mill’s cylinder with a slow speed during maintenance
  • Keeping of the necessary technological parameter (speed or other) according to the specified program
  • Mechanical fixing of the mill’s cylinder from rotation
  • The electric drive parameters and operating modes monitoring
  • the protection mode of operation and the electric drive abnormal parameters monitoring in case of failure and (or) emergency

Main technical characteristics:

  • Nominal power: 0.6-5 MW
  • Rotation speed: 10-30 rpm
  • Range of the speed control: 20-110%

Operational advantages:

  • Simplification of the mill drive system and increasing of its lifetime due to exclusion of the ring gear and the motor gear unit
  • Energy savings (up to 10%) due to an increased efficiency of the drive
  • Start-up mode with maximum torque can be made without a disturbances in the power net
  • Operating costs reduction (up to 50%) due to exclusion of units that require a special service (ring gear and motor gear)

Ring motor around the cylinder of the mill

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