High-speed generators for gas-turbine units

High-speed generator sets based on generators with permanent magnets are designed for use as power sources in gas-turbine units

A generator set consists of a high-speed generator with permanent magnets and a power conversion system with a control system.

A high-speed generator set provides:

  • Generation of the electric power with parameters according to the operating standards
  • The electric drive parameters and operating modes monitoring
  • The protection mode of operation and the electric drive abnormal parameters monitoring in case of failure and (or) emergency.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Nominal power: up to 5 MW
  • Rotation speed: 8000-12000 rpm
  • Output voltage – 6 or 10 kV (according to Client order)
  • Output frequency – 50 Hz

Operational advantages:

  • Increased efficiency of the generator due to the absence of exciting system and a gear unit
  • Operating costs reduction due to exclusion of units that require a special service (high-speed gear unit)
  • Improved reliability and reduced service time of the equipment
  • High mass-dimensional parameters

Layout of gas-turbine engine (GTE) without gear unit and generator with permanent magnets

Generator with permanent magnets 5 MW, 8000 rpm
Approximate dimensions 1500x1300x1000 mm, weight 7 tons

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